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Concert, Meeting, Recital, Karaoke, Stand Up Comic, Book Reading, Poetry, etc!


CAFE is open,
but group events are cancelled

Will other countries also close schools, we I guess wait till we infect all of us. !


More Info about Corona 2019


Dec 23th, 2019, Monday,
5.30pm to 10.00pm:

Magic-Christmas Ship- Ballard

Join our own boat to Shadow the Argosy Christmas Ship!

Free for kids 6 and under !
$25 for children 7-10 and
$50 is cheaper then the Argosy for 11+ & Adults


We have Tim Scallon play music The "One Man Band" Tim Scallon will play,
Santa will fly in by reindeer,
A Cash Bar will be open, for warm drinks.
You are allowed to bring your own food
We also will have for sale Warm Gambo/Goulash and cold sandwiches and cookies.

Michael Whitten

Michael plays a variety of classic acoustic songs from the 60’s onward inviting listeners to sing along, clap along, make song requests and have a rally good time.

Peaks Avalanche Awareness, by Valentin Caspaar

Since the 1980s, avalanche forecasters have known that the more avalanche knowledge a backcountry user acquires, the more they believe that they can “manage” the snowpack. The dynamic is known as negative event feedback—the more events you survive, the more invincible you think you are. But avalanches don’t work that way, which, beyond the exposure, is perhaps why avalanche forecasters die in avalanches at higher rates than citizen backcountry skiers. Counterintuitively, skill—progression—only increases risk.

SOOOO.... let's talk about real avalanche safety. Not trying to learn what you can't possible know, eg what snow is 4000ft above you. I have caused some avalanches and I have been in one, so I know a little bit about it.

Andrea Lynne

Andrea Lynne is a local singer/songwriter. She will be bringing her ukulele and guitar along with some backing tracks for her to sing to you. She sings songs from the 30's up to now and will bring a random set with her.

Don't be affraid to get up and DANCE either!!!

Magic Tango Wednesday's Dance Lesson by Dan

Valentine's Day, Bring your sweatheart!

Thanks to http://tangomasters.biz


Sally Ramsden & Chris Chapin

I will play Ragtime, Broadway, Classical and Strauss music. I also sometimes sing when I play. I would be very happy to play Strauss music for your german group especially

Note from Val: Sally is a piano teacher. More info at http://pianosally.com/

Tim Scallon

A one man band!

Mary Sparks & Silver Lining

Silver Lining Band
...bass, two guitars, and hand percussion

Whateverly Brothers

The Whateverly Brothers grew out of three friends enjoying playing music together. Starting as a maritime music group, they soon followed their wide interests and backgrounds into many styles and genres. Dan Roberts, Chris Glanister and Rob Kneisler, all seasoned folk music collectors, performers, and multi-instrumentalists, have delighted audiences with their varying repertoire, shimmering harmonies, striking arrangements, and offbeat humor. A power group, tight and expressive.

The Whateverly brothers have been performing for wide ranges of audiences - young and old, small and large alike - for over a decade and wherever the Brothers go, the fun follows!

James Lindsey

I will be doing my usual mix of songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Jimmy Buffett, Jim Croce, The Beatles, and Folk songs from the USA and Australia.

Note from Val: One of our steady supporters. You'll like his deep voice and songs from around the world!

Steve Beck

I am in a never ending pursuit of music.From the musical collaborations Moore of Beck n' Kayser, PB&J, Flannel Asparagus and The G-Cleftones along with varied duo and group efforts to finally, to ME!!! Steve Beck..My own stuff !! yeah that's why I do this...

Ken Calandra

He drew a crowd last time and you won't be sorry to see him this time. Great performer!

Gary Benson

Acoustic music from the heart !


Rock? Jazz, Light Metal ? It's a surprise! This will be a bit louder, but let's see what happens.

Rob Kneisler

Also offering OPEN MIC if anybody wants to try!!!

Bob Sparks & Mary Sparks

And here he is again!

Karaoke Night

Your chance to sing, recite, speak... Bring your friends, we have the equipment set up!

If you have another idea, want to come with a group, be a stand up comic, read stories or have a book signing, let us know!

Monday Night Foodball

Games start between 5 and 5:30PM every Monday Night Ask the servers that you are here for the game! Cheer on your team!

Wednesday's Dance Lesson by Carey

Come enjoy watching or participation!

Random-Play: Andrea Lynne & Alan Sobel & Steve Heggem

Come out and meet the new band, "RandomPlay", which features Andrea Lynne as their lead vocalist, Alan Sobel and Steve Heggem playing their guitars and adding some vocals. They will be showing off their version of a random selection (hence the new band name) of Blues, Jazz, Soft Rock and Folk tunes, along with a few of their originals.

November 17th, Friday, 5.30pm to 7:30pm:

Available Stage

Your chance to sing, recite, speak... we like to hear a sample from you first, but generally, people can try.

If you have another idea, want to come with a group, be a stand up comic, read stories or have a book signing, let us know!

Chris Chapin's Student Recitals Private Party: Student Recital on Piano
Highline Christian Church Saxophone Quartet

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